I am a family recovery advocate because the American family, as a viable, cohesive emotional-spiritual system, is in serious danger right now.  I am an author, motivational speaker and workshop leader.  I believe that spiritual and psychological growth go hand in hand and that there is hope, but we the people have to skillfully and prayerfully protect what we hold dear.   I am a licensed substance abuse counselor (S.A.S.) and licensed marriage and family therapist (L.M.F.T.) in Wisconsin, specializing in individualized recovery training for clients with chronic substance use disorders and their families.  I take a personal interest in their recovery and spiritual growth, as well as their mental health.  I deliver insightful and encouraging perspectives on living and coping with addictive and dual disorders one day at a time.  I currently facilitate therapy groups during the day and see couples, individuals and families in the evenings and weekends.